Five Suspects Nabbed for Vandalism of NWSC Pipes

Posted on Apr 05, 2022
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By Teso Vibez Reporter


The National Water and Sewerage Corporation last night working with security agencies nabbed suspected vandals in Kaberamaido District.


The suspects had stolen an entire stretch of transmission pipes serving the people of Kalaki and Kaberamaido.


According to the East Kyoga Police Spokesperson Greg Oscar Ageca the suspects were trailed and arrested in possession of 19 metallic water pipes at Awoja swamp in Soroti with aid of a CCTV camera and intelligence He identified them as Robert Kato a 31-year-old male adult, Samuel Lukyamuzi a 45 years male adult, Magezi Ravben and Nsiznya Justus a 20-year male adult all resident Kampala.


“We have also impounded the motor vehicle registration number UBH 426 D Fuso truck that was being used to carry the items,” he said.


The arrest followed a report by the vigilant community yesterday the 4 April 2022 that a group of suspicious individuals was parked at Oliacha swamp, Oliacha Cell in Kalaki District with a Fuso car Reg. no UBH 426D cutting pipes.


The 5 suspects who were on their way to Kampala are now under police custody at East Kyoga regional police. “We are investigating their connection with the local people within Kalaki, Kaberamaido, Soroti, and any other District. Territorial police in East Kyoga regional headquarters are investigating a case of theft of metallic water pipes that occurred in Kalaki district on the 4/4/2022 vide CRB 63/2022 and 64 of 2022,” he said.


Vandalism affects service delivery and the barbaric and criminal act left residents in Kalaki and Kaberamaido in a severe water shortage for over a month now.


A total of 30 pieces of 4inch Galvanized Iron Pipes transmission main to Kaberamaido town were vandalized and stolen by unscrupulous people.


The utility, whose Managing Director is Eng Dr. Silver Mugisha, has over the years condemned the vices of water theft and vandalism of NWSC equipment and infrastructure, complaining that these criminal acts cost the corporation billions in repairs and losses, interrupt supply, and hinder efforts to extend water to more Ugandans across the country.


Ageca implored the public with information connecting to this incident to contact the police on 999 0r 112 Toll-Free lines or get in touch with the nearest police station.

Recovered Pipes

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