Teso youth threaten to protest against escalating insecurity in the region

Posted on Apr 15, 2022
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By Teso Vibez Reporter


Teso youth under their umbrella Teso Emergency Agenda has threatened to hold a peaceful demonstration in Teso in the wake of persistence and continuous cattle raids that have terrorized Teso and surrounding areas.


The angry Teso youths across educational institutions in Uganda recently issued an ultimatum to the government of 24 hours that elapsed yesterday the 14th of April 2022 to have an amicable solution to insecurity arising from alleged Karamojong cattle rustlers that have since then left hundreds in Kapelebyong flee homes for refuge in camps.


Joseph Ojatum the chairperson of Teso Emergency Agenda said that the government needs to act as soon as possible to address the insecurity issues in Karamoja and neighboring districts.


He said that they wrote to the government seeking for the rearming of the famous Teso Arrow boys who once helped in flashing out the Lord Resistance Army in Teso but not any feedback.


The Arrow Boys were local vigilantes drafted in Teso and turned out a successful auxiliary force to complement the Uganda People’s Defence Forces to ward off Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) attacks.


The angry youths fault the government and Teso leaders for alleged failure to resolve insecurity in Karamoja and the Neighboring districts of Teso.


“We have fully pledged forces and several militia in Uganda but how come they are able to perform tremendously well outside but keep their own people they are failing.


This brings in more questions than answers” he said. The youth demanded that The 3rd Division commander, Brig Gen Joseph Balikuddembe be dropped out of Karamoja claiming that he has failed to do his work.


They also want the government to do heavy deployment of forces around the borders to Mann security and give back the stolen cattle that are recovered to their owners.


“Sometimes the animals are raided but when traced, they are found in UPDF detach and they are not all taken back” Ojatum alleges.


George Odinga the coordinator Teso Emergency Agenda said that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government in power is failing to live up to their famous NRM ten points program which among other key ones includes the restoration of security to all Ugandans.


“We wrote a letter to the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola and we have not gotten the reply and therefore we are here to organize a peaceful demonstration,” he said.


Moses Otekat, one of the youth from Soroti alleges that five people have so far lost their lives in Kapelebyong District under the watch of the Government.


“As Teso youth, we are asking the government to respond, if not, we will go for a peaceful demonstration,” he said. Otekat further appealed to the office of the prime minister through the ministry of Teso Affairs to provide relief to the people of Kapelebyong who are living in camps amidst poor shelter, medication, and food.

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