MIDDLE INCOME STATUS: Empower Our People To Improve Household Income

Posted on Jul 16, 2022
By Nathan Eyaguxxx

By Ivan Okuluma

I greet you people of mother Teso. Yoga noi.
Just from my point of view, infrastructure is welcome because it increases and enhances the connectivity of people from one place to another, moving goods from places of production to the market where they are demanded and consumed.

While we deliver infrastructure, it's important to get our people sources of livelihood so that they engage productively to produce for the market.

These investments should be balanced for the youths, women, men & elderly. Let's not only mobilize our people to tap into government start-up programs such as Emyoga, Parish Development Model, Women Empowerment Fund, and Youth livelihood program but also educate them and make them aware of the procedures to access these funds.

Empowered people are a source of improved household incomes, growth, and development as we aspire to move our people to middle-income status.     
It's also important that as we rally our people into production, we create awareness on financial literacy involving; savings for investment, spending on what is necessary not what they want in the households, the property should be registered for the safety of ownership, men and women should have Wills for seamless inheritance in the case of demise of loved once.

The challenge of climate change is here. Rains are erratic, soils have lost fertility, and yields are low. This is a serious danger to human survival.

Going forward, all households should plant both fruit and rain trees to conserve the environment but also provide fruits for a healthy diet. Homes should harvest water to use during days of scarcity as this shall ensure the availability of clean water throughout the year.


The author is a Resident of Amuria District. 


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