Kado Ovic

Kado Ovic


ado Ovic (real name) Mafabi Nicholas is a Ugandan Hip Hop, Reggae & RnB artist from the east. He was born in  2004 in the east of Uganda and grew up with his grandmother N. Irene

His parents had broken up that s why IRENE decided to take care of a young little boy to stay with him When he was 7 years, his grandmother took him to a school [ in Mbale which is called Nabuyonga Pri Sch. He studied there for 4 years and he was in P.4 and had been promoted to another class.
True God is good his grandma was still alive and took him to another school that s where studied until he sat for his PLE exams. His grandmother was very happy about the result of her grandson because he got 16 Aggregates.

He joined Secondary School at Mbale S.S. and he met with a friend called Hustle Life both were practicing M.D.D. at school they performed music very well and the sponsors of the school were also happy with the talent.
They continued together and they were using di name hustler as their key in music performance after the role forms a crew of Hustlers Empire Music.

They recorded their hit bang Bend n Poze followed by Tukuba with Kyikole and Kyina

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Kado Ovic

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