Tha Rawfam

Tha Rawfam


Samuel Okello (Born 15th March, 1985) better known by his stage name ThaRawfam, is an Underground Rap Emcee from Uganda and is known to rap in his local dialect Ateso and English.


ThaRawfam was initially a rap duo consisting of Romeo Ssekayombya and Samuel Okello. The combo was started back then in Jinja College a Boy’s Catholic School in Jinja District in the Eastern Side of Uganda.


The duo then diagnosed themselves as Premier Emcees in 2006 with the release of their first single “Little Punks” produced by late Lumix Tha Don (RIP) from Valley Curve Recordz. They did a follow up with singles such as “Clutch To Live” and “For This Life”.


In 2007, Romeo the other half of the duo was meant to fly to Malaysia to further his academic cause of which he successfully did. Sam stayed back and kept the name up as he waited for a probable Reunion with his partner but before that would happen, he had to keep up with the name so as to keep it moving which later on got stuck on him.


Therefore,Tha Rawfam kept releasing single after single and eventually a ten-track album was compiled. This album would be Titled “Fatherless” depicting the nature of which he was raised. The album was well-received by both critics and fans establishing ThaRawfam as a pure Hip Hop Emcee in the Ugandan Underground Scene. ThaRawfam is also self-made lyrical activist always depicting and condemning the Child Abuse a vice that he was diagnosed as a child. To him, the purest therapy through those tough years was Hip Hop.


He felt like there was no better way to express himself other than by the power of the tongue cast on beats. With Hip Hop Music being widely known as a mouthpiece for the Underprivileged or The Voice of the Voiceless, ThaRawfam, therefore, feels like he is that voice and that Hip Hop is his true calling. He is a known critique of the modern-day Commercial Hip manipulated by corporate America just to crack down on the realistic nature of Hip Hop.


Tha Rawfam is widely influenced by socially conscious rappers such as Guru(Gangstarr), Rakim Allah, Tupac Shakur, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Nas, AZ, Cormega, Mobb Deep, M.O.P on the list of the Old School rappers. He presently spends a lot of time looking for real rap content in the Underground scene characterized by Independent Hip Hop artists. Such Artistes include Vinnie Paz, Chief Kamachi, Sha Stimuli, Reef The Lost Cauze, Ill Bill, Snowgoons, Apollo Brown and O.C


In January 2010, Tha Rawfam graduated from Mbarara University with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology of which he has built an alternative career in Information Technology. He has worked in organizations such as The National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U), The Electoral Commission among others.


Tha Rawfam is currently on hiatus. At the time, he was working on an eighteen-track album titled “Tha Reincarnation” which was scheduled to be released before the end of 2013. The album would feature collaborations from a vast range of artistes both Local and International.




  • The Duo have Performed at the Hip Hop Night at Sabrina’s Pub in 2004,
  • The Fresher’s ball in Mbarara University in 2006,
  • The all-School Hip Hop and R n’ B battle in Lugogo indoor stadium in 2008.
  • The Percussion Experience at Lions Bar in Sheraton Hotel - Uganda
  • Miss MUST in Mbarara University in 2009, among others.
  • ThaRawfam performed at the Launch of Chancy Twisters album in 2008 at Soroti Trends Club. This also featured Moze and Radio.
  • He has also performed at the Hip Hop Summit. Held every 26th of December.
  • He performed alongside Navio at Fire One Hotel in Dokolo in 2017
  • The Rawfam also organised the Lumix Da Don Memorial Concert on 15th July 2016, one year after the demise of the most vicious Luo spitter




  • Tha Rebirth of Hip Hop 2008(Documentary).
  • Hot 100 with Dms (2008).
  • Must Peer Project (MPP) 2009.
  • Gregory Barz from Tennessee 2008(Relationship between Hip Hop n’ Religion)




  • Fatherless
  • Tha Reincarnation (On hiatus).

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