Simon Jackson

Simon Jackson



Born of Kuju Sub County Amuria District. Family of 5(4 girls and 1 boy). When I was in p.2 life turned dim when we lost our dad (Surveyor). Life drastically changed, lights of happiness were turned off. From good feeding, great schools, great luxurious life to an atmosphere/environment never expected. Were we distributed among the uncles. I found myself in Serere.(where my dad was buried).


I was put in Serere Primary school p.3-p.7 and later joined Serere SS. I was a boy you could hardly notice. Quiet, shy, vulnerable, and filled with thoughts. I was in my own world. One could hardly get me in the school social structures like choir, and other Clubs. The level of my self-esteem was at its initial stages and my confidence was still hatching. The environment around played a big role in making me have self-pity.I had friends who never had a clue of a person inside me. My history and Instincts did their part in driving my decisions. To me, where I was coming from had something with where I was going. In a number of occasions, I turned my friends down to be part of whatever they called having fun. The Lord must have been nurturing me for his calling. While I had no hope about the future, the Lord had already seen a cowboy in me. I used to feel carried away every time I could hear Western Swing - Gospel Country music play on a radio cassette.The like of Jim Reeves, Kenny and Dolly.


After High school, my education journey got a hick up. I was at home for 1year. This is the time seed of music started germinating. I utilized this 1year to be part of a village choir and helping my guardian. My self- esteem started building gradually. Towards the end of 12 months at home, I kind of lost hope and thought there was no more education for me. One evening as I was going to fetch water, I got a tune that turned out to be my Prayer to God (I wanna Be Somewhere). I told God I was tired of Village and wanted to go to school.


The lord answered my prayer. I got a sponsor who helped me out throughout my Course (Development Studies). At campus, I was made a choir leader. I began getting a glimpse of the ‘Simon Jackson’ of today. The ability to Compose took me by storm. I secret started including my compositions in the list of song we ministered during Fellowships (this helped me realize what I was capable of).People loved my compositions and this encouraged my write more songs. The songs I wrote while at campus included, I wanna be Somewhere, Dry Winds, My Comforter, Will he Let it be, I’ll make you mine and I need your Presence among others. By the time I got done with campus, I had already gotten a team to live the dream with. Emiru David Andrew(Bro to Eratu Emmanuel), Grace Abai – Kumi, Divine Atine – Lira, Christine Akullu – Lira and Anena Diana – Gulu.(all alive and kicking).


After campus, we embarked on seeing how to live the dream. We went for the first recording (first experience in studio) where we did the Album So lonely. This album was launched on Easter Sunday April 2007 at Lions Club Soroti. In 2008, we launched the second Album (EjaaAkiro) at Soroti Hotel, in 2014, we launched the Third Album (My Desire) at Desert Island Soroti.


In 2008, I won an Award, (Gospel Artiste of the Year – Eastern Region) under the VIGA Awards(Victoria Music Awards.


In 2014, I got a recognition Award under New Vision for being a change Agent in Society.


In 2015, I changed from CD Performance to live band.The purpose is to sustain the originality of music and provide the audience/funs with realistic performances.


2009, I set up a studio (Canaan) to help me live my dream and cut the costs of travelling to kampala every other time I needed to record. The studio is also meant to uplift the music in Teso through helping the fellow colleagues in the industry. Since 2009, Canaan Studio has done recording for more than 200 artistes.


In 2019, Canaan Studio set up a branch in Serere on Kikota Hill to give the Artistes in Serere District easy access and cut the costs.


Other duties

  • Sanitation and hygiene specialist( 5 years)
  • An advocate for Gender Equity(8 years)
  • Community trainer(Gender responsive Budgeting)


Instruments Played.

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Piano
  • Banjo
  • Harmonica


Artist Songs

Simon Jackson

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