CYBER HARRASMENT: MP Adeke Ann Cries out

Posted on Jan 08, 2020
By Admin

National Female Member of Parliament Adeke Ann Ebaju has called upon all victims of cyber bullying and harassment to always speak out.


Ann wrote statement on her Facebook account exposing one of her social media stalker and warned him to stop sending her messages.


The youthful legislator has said that one 'Watyekele' has been sending her irritating and nagging messages despite warning him.


It should be noted that Ann is now second female member of Parliament to publicly testify as victim of Cyber harrasment. In 2018, Kabarole Woman MP Sylvia Rwabogo took Brian Isiko to court for continuosly sending her love messages.


Hon. Adeke Ann Verbatim;

Someone tell Watyekele that I need my Peace.

Like many other women out there who remain silent, I have severely been a victim of cyber harassment. The unlucky bit with the Patriachy society is that I like other young women out there have always had to find a way of dealing with it. Sometimes by blocking individuals, taking the initiative to tell them off or explain to them that i am irritated or that I feel harassed.

Social media has given people living in our generation unlimited space to air out their views. Good thing! But also, it has created a platform and aided itself to a tool used by others to persistently & secretly oppress and harass others especially women.

I have a story of this one persistent individual called Moses Watyekele. Through my social media life, Watyekele has been on my bumper. Days or nights, Cold or hot, told off or not, Watyekele is of all seasons a pain! One day, he got to my Facebook and ignited his deep irresistible desire for attention. I said STOP. And I blocked him.

He found his way to my social media pages and reignited his desire and quest, reiterated his issues to a person who had already shown extreme disinterest. For calm and peace, trying to ignore, he continued to nag me over the same issues. After the expiry of his 40 days of reform, I again blocked him.

Since my telephone contact is public (just for ease of reach to do my duties as legislator), he navigated his way to my personal Whatsapp where he had his field days continuosly forwarding irresponsible, irritable, and nagging messages. I pulled the block plug again.

Sooner than later, Watyekele found his way to my direct message inbox.

I shared this experience to encourage women who are going through cyber bullying and harassment to speak out and shame the oppressors. Please don't tolerate bullying, you can end it.

Watyekele's number is +256788339141. Someone tell Watyekele that I don't want his messages anymore.

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