MIXTAPE ALERT: It's the Kings & Queens of Teso Rap Game - DJ Jest Boniface

Posted on Feb 14, 2021
By Samuel O


The mixtape is purely HipHop from Teso, 1hour 20 mins featuring 35 solid songs from famous rappers and those not familiar to you. It also features two songs from Late rapper, DMC. (May His Soul Rest In Peace).


DOWNLOAD: MIT-005 (Made In TESO Mixtape Vol 5)-DJ Jest Boniface


Music mixtapes are thrilling, yet daunting prospect for any music lover. Teso Music Industry is really moving far now, closer to where we want it to be. Too many new songs on the drill.


But who has the time to sit there and listen to each and every song released, or those that are not well promoted; so as to collect & update their playlists?


You’ll realise that it’s easier to discover new/old music when you listen to mixtapes & radio plays than personally downloading. But it takes a whole different wave if the DJ mixes them with a smooth touch, and a bit of hype. There's just too much good stuff! That’s when you need a DJ to do this simply hard to admit, a job.


DJ Jest Boniface has added to the series dubbed Made In Teso Mixtape Series, a series that features songs from Teso, or songs produced by Teso Artists. This is the fifth instalment of the series.


STREAM NOW: MIT-005 (Made In TESO Mixtape Vol 5) - DJ Jest Boniface


But this is the first of it’s kind. Yes, I mean Genre specific. The mixtape is purely HipHop from Teso, 1hour 20 mins featuring 35 solid songs from famous rappers and those not familiar to you. It also features two songs from Late rapper, DMC. (May His Soul Rest In Peace).



  1. Mos Rolives - Adaun Abolia
  2. Norule King III – Jet Li (Remixed ft. King Kriss LSO)
  3. Don Amby & Big Phil -Apana
  4. Oohass Dblackbird - The Real Me
  5. Austin Benz - Nyiri Nyiri
  6. Rocka Chillas - Anibo Kesi
  7. Jesse Junta - Esimu
  8. Kurt Markus - Alimoret
  9. Sparo Ug - Started from the Bottom (BRAND NEW)
  10. Fake G – (Who is Who)
  11. Tony O & Gervas - My Town
  12. Mos Rolives – Teso Is Home
  13. DMC - Teso Love (RIP DMC)
  14. Zac ft Felippe, Kemy Cali - Destiney
  15. Norule King III Ft. Romanka - Lie
  16. Delugz Ft. Oo'hass & Splich - Get It Right
  17. Saint Cross & Sparo - Dreams Come True
  18. Encee ft. Brixton - Adakai
  19. Trigah Dwighk – Namukana
  20. Rody Gavana ft. Jessy Junta - Oligino
  21. Zac De'Andy - L.R.A (Lord of Rap)
  22. Tony O & Gervas - Ojalak Inerata
  23. Mc Vee Cee - Ingaibo Ngin
  24. Big Alvin Base - Mam Eongo Eboliare
  25. Felippe Emuli ft. Street5 & Mc Crazy - Babiri
  26. Oohass Dblackbird - Trumpets
  27. Manjoezzy - My Desire
  28. Benjamin Prince Ug - Ijo Bon (Ambition 3/7 Mane) ft. Sharona
  29. Mark P – Vuvuzela
  30. Zac De'Andy, Brixton, Kemy Cali & Kristien ft.  - Untouchable
  31. Oohass Dblackbird - God Forgive Them
  32. Benjamin Prince Ug – Airujasit (Tha Dream)
  33. Mark P – Ikinyom
  34. Mos Rolives, Mamre Snares - Inyobo Ibala Jo
  35. DMC - Akwap Na (RIP DMC)


All these mixes I do are for promotional purposes. I don’t own copyrights to any song featured here. #TesoMusicToTheWorld!!! You already know the drill.  


I will be doing the Purely Trap Edition of the Kings & Queens of Teso Rap Game. I love RnB & HipHop music, so I will always find time to collect more of this genre, to add on the famous dancehall most people listens to in Teso. I’m really excited.


I will be doing in March Reggae, but first I will do purely “Urban Gospel” by end of February.

Jest Boniface told us




The Mixtape is already getting a good reception. One of the Artists (Sparo UG) who has his new song, “Started from the Bottom” featured couldn’t wait to do a live reaction to the mixtape via his Facebook account.


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