Azawi's Soroti concert postponed

Posted on Mar 04, 2022
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu


Josh Kingdom entertainment has postponed Azawi's Soroti concert that was meant to have taken place on Saturday 26th at Hyde park due to the back to work concert that was rescheduled for the same date.

According to Josh Kingdom entertainment spokesperson DJ Spittch, they have been forced to postponed the show till 12th march in which Azawi and artists from Teso will entertain fans.

"Let's turn up in big crowds and support the back to work concert and later the Azawi show scheduled for 12th March 2022, the entry fee remains the same 10,000 ugx for ordinary,20,000 ugx for VIP and a table that comes with a bucket of five beers and a bottle of wine goes at 200,000 ugx. Let us turn up in big numbers", He added

Meanwhile, the CEO of Josh Kingdom entertainment said that the first 400 people to turn up between 7-9 pm will get a chance to take selfies and photos with the singer.


Watch the Full Conference below;



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