Chase away those dealing with Museveni – Robert Kyagulanyi speaks out

Posted on Jul 27, 2022
By Nathan Eyaguxxx

SOROTI  The leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a Bobi Wine has called upon the NUP supporters in Soroti and Teso at large to chase all those working with the NRM party as they are the bosses while the politicians are their servants.


Kyagulanyi made these remarks yesterday July 25, 2022, while campaigning for FDC’s candidate Attan Moses Okia in Moruapesur ward ahead of the polling day on Thursday 28th July 2022.


‘’We must unite now, if we were united before, we would have removed Museveni, Museveni buys leaders of the opposition, he brought the speaker of parliament, president of DP, even in Soroti he bought Asio of NUP, you have the power as politicians are servants so whenever they buy a leader, don’t wait for us to tell you what to do, chase that leader a way, am the leader of NUP if a leader is bought, just chase that leader away and don’t work with them’’, he said as thousands cheered.


Kyagulanyi also added that for the opposition to win, then they have to be united in order to remove president Museveni from power as Museveni wants to see the opposition out of parliament for his own benefits.


‘’In the recent elections, NUP and FDC had different candidates but Attan won the election as you know Museveni is trying to remove opposition from parliament, he is trying to reduce opposition so that he can steal as much as he needs from parliament, we are here to support Attan because that’s the right thing to do now, we are uniting now because time is always right to do what is right , if NUP had a candidate, we would divide the votes and Museveni with NRM would steal the votes’’ he added.


He also added that the opposition may have different ideas but when they work together, they can remove Museveni.


‘’We believe anybody is a good MP so long as it’s not Museveni MP, I call upon you all to vote for Attan as we shall be waiting to see him swear in parliament’’, he said.


Other NUP Teso leaders led by Norman Amachu the former parliamentary contestant for Soroti city east together with others like George Okoit while at their offices in Soroti city east promised never to work with the defectors like Asio Ongorok and Tom Ewoku who went against the party’s principles


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