Police Speaks out about the arrest of MP Okupa

Posted on Feb 22, 2023
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu


Following the arrest of the Kasilo County MP Okupa Elijah that happened early today in Ochapa, Serere county, police have accused the MP of engaging in political campaigns.


The East Kyoga Police Spokesperson, SP Ageca Oscar Gregg while addressing journalists confirmed the arrest of the MP saying that Hon. Okupa was arrested for allegations of campaigning beyond the regulated time.


"As the electoral commission provided certain guidelines on how to campaign, today 22/02/2023 was not supposed to be a campaigning date for an infraction occurred at Ocaapa." Ageca explained


Although the Kasilo MP explained to the media that he was in Ochapa carrying out the training of polling agents for Emmanuel Omoding and handing over their appointments letters ahead of the by-elections before the DPC came with three police patrol vehicles and asked me to get out and drive to Serere CPS.


Ageca further added that they received information that Okupa was campaigning hence calling him to help them verify the allegations.


Concerning the heavy security deployment in the County, SP Ageca explained that it's not there to intimidate or frighten anyone but for people's personal security and to make sure that no one stops them from going for elections following the incidences that happened in Soroti City East by-elections where some "Chokoras" blocked people from going to vote. "Every legal voter will have a chance to go and vote for a candidate of his or her choice", he added.

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