Top city pastor Sues Weasel And Chameleone For Promoting Homosexuality

Posted on Feb 28, 2023
By Admin

A renowned city pastor and anti-homosexuality crusader Martin Ssempa has today turned things around for the Mayanja brothers following an indecent act of kissing during the Gwanga Mujje concert;


Pastor Ssempa has reported the two brothers Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleon and Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel to police over Indecency and morally offensive act that promotes homosexuality.


Pastor Ssempa has vowed to see through that Chameleon's upcoming shows are halted unless he issues a public apology and seize from carrying out indecent acts which he believes the youth can easily copy.


In his tweet, the pastor called upon the Mayanja brothers for ritual cleansing prayers and to join the fight against homosexuality.


“Pastor Ssempa registers a complaint with @PoliceUg on Joseph Mayanja aka @JChameleone and his brothers. This is for indecent and morally offensive acts of promoting Homosexualism during his Gwangamujje concerts. Asks police to Stop further concerts until a public apology is given. Demands @JChameleone to stop further homosexual kisses and same-sex romantic dances in public and online where youth see and copy it. Pr Ssempa further calls on Mayanja boys for ritual cleansing prayers and join #StraightNation in the defense against homosexualism.” the tweet read.


The act has since left many netizens reacting and calling for government intervention following the current wave in which homosexuality is discussed in the Country.


It should also be noted that pastor Ssempa who is an advocate fighting homosexuality has done several campaigns against homosexuality in Uganda thus landing him into trouble with the US a few years ago as he saw his visa and citizenship there revoked.




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