Former Wakanda Ent Manager, Good Luck Timothy, Takes on Strategic Marketing Role with Louis Management

Posted on Jan 27, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


In a surprising twist, Good Luck Timothy, renowned for his role as a brand manager at Wakanda Entertainment, has recently secured a monumental marketing deal with Louis Management a prestigious music label that oversees some of Teso's most illustrious artists such as Naff Cee and Canis Odd, unveiled this unexpected collaboration on their official management website.


Timothy's journey from Wakanda Entertainment to Louis Management has been marked by significant contributions, notably serving as a brand manager for one of Teso's iconic artists. News of his pivotal move has sparked widespread interest and speculation within the music industry.


The revelation of this groundbreaking partnership emerged recently through an official announcement by Louis Management. The label, known for nurturing and managing Teso's finest musical talents, showcased their confidence in Timothy's capabilities through this strategic marketing deal.


It is worth noting that Timothy, not only a former Wakanda Ent manager but also the host of the Weekly Vibez show on Tesovibez – a renowned online media platform, commenced his collaboration with Louis Management on a freelance basis during the highly successful Double Trouble Festival last year, which notably sold out.


Upon the announcement, Naff Cee, the acclaimed "Akile" hitmaker under the same Louis Management label, welcomed Good Luck Timothy with enthusiasm on social media. Expressing confidence in their collaboration, Naff Cee stated, "Welcoming Goodluck Timothy to Louismanagement, welcome to the winning team Mr. marketing boss. 2024 is our year. Your work will also be easy because Naffz Cee and Canis Odd are trusted big brands. You're welcome ?, my marketing boss."


In response, Timothy expressed gratitude to Louis Management and the entire team for recognizing and entrusting him with a substantial role in their award-winning company. His reply to Naff Cee conveyed his appreciation, saying, "Thanks so much Louismanagement and the whole team for acknowledging me and trusting me with such a big role in your award-winning company. I am glad to be here." This exchange further solidifies the positive outlook surrounding this significant industry shift.

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