Kumi Artists Under Fire As Naffz Cee Demands Solidarity with Sparo UG

Posted on May 06, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


Louis Management singer Naffz Cee has strongly criticized artists from Kumi district for not supporting Singer Sparo Ug's upcoming concert.


Rap star Sparo, well-known for his skillful lyrics and contributions to music, will host a significant concert titled "7 Years of Sparo Ug" with Samuelona Music Group at Secret Heart Hotel in Kumi town on May 11th, Saturday.


During a press conference at Softly Hotel in Soroti City, Naff Cee didn't hold back as he scolded Kumi district artists for being quiet and spending time in bars instead of supporting Sparo.


He stressed the need for unity in the industry, especially among younger artists, expressing sadness over the lack of support for Sparo from his peers.


"It's sad to see Kumi artists ignoring one of their own," said Naff Cee. "Sparo has proven himself talented and dedicated in Teso, but he's not getting the recognition he deserves."


Highlighting Sparo's journey and talent as a rapper, Naff Cee encouraged fellow artists to step up and support him. He emphasized that Sparo's concert is more than just his success but also a showcase of Teso's vibrant music scene.


"Sparo's concert isn't just about him; it's about Teso's musical talent," said Naff Cee. "If you're a rapper feeling jealous of Sparo, use it to motivate yourself. Work hard, but respect others' achievements."


As Sparo UG's concert nears, the call for unity among artists grows louder, with Naff Cee's remarks urging Kumi district and Teso artists to support Sparo.


It's important to note that the concert's success depends not only on performances but also on artists' support and encouragement.

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