Soroti City East councilors recall names approved by the city council

Posted on Sep 30, 2021
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu


A number of Soroti city east division councilors in a council meeting at the youth center yesterday 29/09/2021 differed the list of names that were approved by the city executive council after they were not consulted.


The council rejected different names that were approved by the city council to represent different committees that included the area land committee where Opian Obicho was approved, the city service commission where John Patrick Tukei was approved, and the city lands board committee.


Hon. Ramathan Bogere who doubles as the speaker of Soroti city east and also the councilor of Kengere ward said that they recalled about three names back to the executive committee for review because they were never consulted.


‘’We were never consulted and neither were the people, one of the names is Opian Obicho a former independent aspirant LC V for Soroti district who is in the district and not the city, issues of land are so sensitive that we just can’t put people that they have approved, they had to follow the procedures, we are defending the land of our people so that tomorrow we shall not be blamed’’ he said


He also added that they wanted someone they knew with his or her CV and records presented to the council so that they too can look through before approving them.


The council will sit in the next meeting once the mistakes are corrected.


John Baptist Emukoki a councilor of  Aloet ward said that the three names that were approved by the city council will be sent back for the executives to look through since the procedures were never followed.


Abbas Shaban a youth representative at the council also said that the names differed because the law was never followed as in the local government act of section 17 D and G that states that the names should be sent to the division council to be approved before they are sent back to the executive for review.


Other councilors who were shocked and angered by the decision taken up by the executive team said that some of those leaders whose names were approved in the committees could be having their own motives an issue that may bring in confusion in the near future.

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