Kakise bus carrying Pallisa girls students and staff catches fire in Ngora district

Posted on Aug 23, 2023
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By our reporter 



A bus belonging to Kakise coaches that was transporting staff and students of Pallisa girls is reported to have caught fire although no casualties were reported.


Preliminary findings indicate that the Isuzu bus registration number UAS 437P got involved in the minor accident on 22/8/2023 at about 01:00AM at Atot Swamp along Mukongoro road in Ngora district while carrying seventy students and thirteen teachers of Pallisa Girls who were traveling back to Pallisa district from Serere district where they had gone to participate in a musical festival but during the journey, the rear tyre burst and caught fire which quickly spread to the whole bus.


The students and teachers were safely evacuated with no injuries to any occupants, however all property on board was destroyed. 


According to SP Ageca Oscar Gregg the mouth piece of East Kyoga in a press statement issued today, police fire Brigade responded swiftly to manage the scene and put off the flamming bus which has been reduced to a shell and are currently in the process of towing the wreckage to Ngora CPS. 


He further added that the traffic police department at Ngora Central Police Station have registered minor accident vide TAR 50/203.

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