Princely Delav Unveils Mesmerizing Ateso Love RNB Video "Ekicoi" in Spectacular Debut

Posted on Feb 02, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


Teso's emerging R&B sensation, Princely Delav, born and raised in Soroti, takes center stage with the release of his inaugural music video for the latest single, "Ekicoi" having secured the distinction of being the first signing under Ispus Media, Mgt and Promotions last year, Princely shares with Teso Vybez the reason behind his brief hiatus, attributing it to his school schedule.


Despite this, his management worked tirelessly to craft and deliver what he proudly declares as the finest Ateso Love story video, now gracing YouTube at the commencement of the new year.


Known for his English-centric musical repertoire, Princely deliberately ventures into Ateso love RNB, aiming to reaffirm his Etesot identity to fans who might have assumed otherwise.


This departure from his earlier English songs like "Life," "Baby Boo," and "It's You" signifies a localization of style, aligning with Teso's artistic traditions.


Now out of school, Princely pledges to conquer Teso's music charts across various genres. He assures his fans to anticipate genuine musical content, emphasizing a focus on quality over social media hype.

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