Singer Jozelha Da Arrowgal Recounts Terrifying Assault by Own Bodyguards

Posted on Feb 06, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


NGORA - Teso's rising star, Jozelha Da Arrowgal, has broken her silence regarding a recent harrowing incident that unfolded during her performance in Ngora District on January 27th.


The "Akandala" hitmaker revealed that while attending an event alongside fellow artist, Josh Rush, she was reportedly assaulted by her own paid bodyguards.


In a Facebook post, the singer recounted how the event proceeded smoothly until it was time to depart, at which point she found herself locked in a waiting room by her supposed protectors.


Upon questioning their actions, she was informed that it was for her safety, as they deemed the area outside to be perilous.


"This all unfolded while a companion had stepped out to bring the car closer to the room," she wrote.


Describing the bouncers as unprofessional and harboring sinister intentions towards her, the singer expressed gratitude to her brother, who intervened and rescued her after a fierce altercation.


"I emerged from the ordeal with torn clothes and in a state of unconsciousness due to panic," she recounted.


Jozelha characterized the incident as the most terrifying and traumatizing experience of her life, while expressing gratitude for surviving despite enduring physical and mental injuries.


She revealed that the matter is now in the hands of law enforcement, with the perpetrators reportedly apprehended.


"I am still processing this trauma, but physically, I am fine," she affirmed.

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