Link Bus Management Dismisses Rumors of Driver Death, Clarifies Misinformation

Posted on Feb 08, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


Link Bus Management has taken a stand to address misinformation circulating on social media regarding the alleged death of one of their drivers while on duty.


Images circulating on social media purportedly depict the driver, identified as Olum Nelson, asleep at the wheel while en route from Kampala to Kyegegwa, with the bus bearing registration number UBG 040H parked on the side of the road. These images led to rumors about the driver's demise.


Contrary to the circulating information, the company's Public Relations representative, Mr. Tom Aliinde, has stated that the reported incident is unfounded. He emphasized that no such fatality has occurred among their drivers and urged the public to refrain from spreading false information without verifying its authenticity.


Additionally, Mr. Aliinde clarified that the driver experienced symptoms related to malaria after departing Kampala. As a precautionary measure, the driver parked the bus at Lwera and requested another driver to be dispatched. Mr. Aliinde assured the public that the driver, Olum Nelson, is alive and well.


The management of Link Bus services remains committed to transparency and ensuring the accuracy of information regarding their operations.


Meanwhile, Jethro Wise Bonanza, one of the passengers who was on board when the rumors circulated, responded to a post from one of the media houses clarifying the news. He stated, "He didn’t die, he had a return journey so he took a drug to keep him awake. Fortunately, the conductor kept monitoring him, and when he saw he was not well, he told him to stop the bus. The driver remained unconscious for almost an hour but later woke up and continued to Fort Portal. I was on this bus, and all I can say is that it was divine intervention that saved our lives."

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