Singer Apass Criticizes MC Mariachi for Body-Shaming TikTok Sensation Tenge Tenge at Comedy Store

Posted on Feb 15, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu


Singer APass has voiced his disappointment towards comedian MC Mariachi for body-shaming TikTok sensation Rango Tenge Tenge during a recent Valentine’s Day event at the Comedy Store. Tenge Tenge, who performed alongside renowned figures such as MC Mariachi and Da Ben, faced disrespectful remarks from MC Mariachi, sparking controversy among attendees, including A Pass.


During the Comedy Store show, MC Mariachi made derogatory comments, including, "If my woman gave birth to a child like Tenge Tenge, I would leave both of them in the hospital." This statement prompted A Pass to express his frustration through a live broadcast on TikTok, criticizing MC Mariachi for his actions. A Pass argued that instead of using comedy as a platform to uplift individuals, MC Mariachi resorted to mocking and demeaning Tenge Tenge.


A Pass highlighted that in other countries, individuals like Tenge Tenge would be celebrated rather than subjected to ridicule. He emphasized that no parent wishes to have their child disparaged in public, urging for more sensitivity and respect in comedy.


The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many users condemning MC Mariachi for his remarks. Some criticized the comedian's lack of talent, accusing him of resorting to cheap humor at the expense of others. The backlash serves as a reminder of the importance of promoting inclusivity and kindness in the entertainment industry.

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