Dr. John Ekure Launches Inspirational Book 'Changing Our World' to Transform Mindsets and Drive Economic Growth

Posted on Feb 17, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


KAMPALA - Dr. John Ekure, director of Kumi Orthopedic Centre, unveiled his groundbreaking book "Changing Our World" on February 16, 2024, sparking excitement and hope at Hotel Africana in Kampala.


The ceremony, graced by dignitaries from various sectors, celebrated the book's focus on pivotal themes like Mindset Change, Productivity, and Human Skills, as emphasized by Dr. Ekure himself during the event.


Highlighting the urgent need for mindset shifts, especially among the youth population, Dr. Ekure stressed the book's significance in reshaping economic landscapes in Uganda, Africa, and beyond.


Capt. Mike Mukula, representing Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among, lauded Dr. Ekure's vision and analytical depth, recognizing the book as a vital resource for addressing societal challenges.


With a call to action, Dr. Ekure underscored the importance of education standards, curriculum quality, and societal competitiveness in driving positive change, urging a comprehensive exploration of transformative epochs.


Notably, proceeds from the book launch were dedicated to the Elizabeth Opola Foundation, reflecting Dr. Ekure's commitment to empowering youth and fostering environmental conservation efforts.

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