Body of Missing Egyptian National Found at Awoja swamp, 5 suspects arrested

Posted on Mar 02, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI- Police in Soroti have successfully recovered the body of the Egyptian national who mysteriously disappeared from Soroti following an extensive investigation.


This development was confirmed by the Police Spokesperson of East Kyoga Territory, SP Oscar Gregg Ageca, in a press statement released today. The body of the late individual, identified as Ahmed Zinhom Ibrahim Selim, was found at Awoja swamp in Soroti district.


"The body of the suspect has been found at Awoja swamp within Soroti. Since the body of the deceased has been discovered, the charges against the suspects will be updated to reflect the nature of the offense as murder, vide CRB 48/2024 of Soroti West Division Policing Jurisdiction," SP Ageca stated in the release.


He further emphasized that the inquiry and subsequent prosecution of the matter will proceed in accordance with the law.


According to reports, Ahmed Zinhom Ibrahim Selim, aged 32, disappeared from his residence in Campswahili Cell A, Campswahili Ward, West Division in Soroti City. He was last seen in the evening of February 23, 2024, in the company of two friends, one identified as Muhammad Nabil Ali, also an Egyptian national, and another friend.


The mysterious disappearance of Selim was reported to the police on Saturday, February 24, 2024, by Kisolo Mark, an employee of the deceased. Upon visiting Selim's home, Mark found the door padlocked with a key placed next to the window. Upon entering the house, there was no sign of Selim, prompting the opening of a case file, vide SD Ref 02/25/02/2024.


During the investigation, police arrested five individuals as persons of interest,(one Ugandan and four Egyptian nationals).

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