AUDIO: Josh Rash Unveils New song ahead of his concert

Posted on Mar 16, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu


Renowned singer and songwriter Josh Rash, known for his contributions to Teso's music scene, has once again captured the spotlight with his latest release, "Ojalak."


This dynamic track, translating to "Let It Be" in the local language, is a complementary piece to his previous hit, "Nu Epote Opotu," which has quickly become a regional anthem within the region and thus transcends geographical boundaries.


Known for his ability to energize crowds and set the stage with positive vibes, Josh Rash is slated to headline a much-anticipated concert on May 4th, 2024, at Soroti City's iconic Hyde Park. His infectious beats and magnetic presence consistently draw large crowds, turning any gathering into an electrifying celebration.


Produced by Ricko at Panda Records, "Ojalak" debuted on Friday, May 15th, 2024, to resounding acclaim. Fans, bloggers, and media personalities have fervently shared the track, urging listeners to experience its infectious rhythm firsthand.


"Ojalak" delivers a powerful message, shedding light on the negative traits of individuals who harbor ill will towards others' success. Through poignant lyrics, Josh Rash calls upon these detractors to refrain from hindering his journey and to let him thrive in peace.


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