Several Campaign Mobilizers Defect from Peter Ogwang's Camp to Support Dan Mulalu's MP Bid in Ngariam County

Posted on Mar 16, 2024
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By Our Reporter 


Katakwi district -  Ngariam County witnesses a significant political shift as 70 campaign mobilizers, formerly aligned with MP and State Minister for Sports, Peter Ogwang, have defected to support Dan Mulalu's bid for the MP seat in 2026.


Led by their chief mobilizer, Ogele Gabriel, popularly known as Abuderi, the team made the switch at 12:13 PM, rallying behind Mr. Mulalu's camp.Ogele highlighted that many of the new entrants had previously worked tirelessly for Mr. Ogwang and supported Vice President Jessica Alupo Epel.


He urged the team to advocate for unity and peaceful politics championed by Mulalu, emphasizing ideology over financial incentives.Simon Peter Seno, media assistant at Kazi Ni Kazi, cautioned against wavering loyalty in the face of monetary temptations from rival camps.


He emphasized the importance of supporting Mulalu's vision for development in Ngariam County and urged the newcomers to prioritize political conscience over monetary gain.Addressing the team, Mr. Mulalu emphasized the importance of maintaining peace despite expected attacks and misinformation from opponents. He outlined his plans to leverage his networks to secure support for community projects, including healthcare, education, and infrastructure improvements, such as hospital beds, borehole repairs, and educational resources.Mr. Mulalu's commitment to enhancing education standards through initiatives like the school feeding program and improved facilities reflects his dedication to uplifting the community.


With pledges to lobby for further improvements in Katakwi schools, Mulalu aims to address critical issues within the education sector, ensuring a brighter future for Ngariam County.


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