Captain Angel Bids Farewell to Delta Radio After Five Years of Impactful Service

Posted on Apr 18, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - Egwoku Simon Peter, widely known as Captain Angel, a cherished figure in the radio realm, has revealed his decision to step down from his position at Delta Radio in Soroti city, marking the end of his dedicated service since 2019.


In a poignant message penned by the esteemed radio personality, Captain Angel expressed the heartfelt sentiment that, despite his deep affection for the medium, the time has come to bid farewell, a decision fraught with emotional weight.


"It is with a heavy heart that I share the news of my departure from Delta Radio," the touching message conveyed.


Sharing a portion of his farewell announcement, Captain Angel disclosed, "This is to inform you, with a tinge of sadness, that I have parted ways with Delta Radio."


During his tenure, Captain Angel has been instrumental in spearheading various programs such as sports coverage, energizing entertainment segments, artist interviews, political talk shows, and delivering insightful Ateso news updates.


Looking ahead with optimism, Captain Angel expressed his eagerness to explore new opportunities and reconnect with his audience in due time, stating, "I eagerly await the chance to collaborate with you elsewhere, in accordance with divine timing."


As the curtains draw on Captain Angel's chapter at Delta Radio, listeners brace themselves for the next wave of excitement, eagerly anticipating where his radio adventures will take them next.

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