Soroti Priest Advises Newly Appointed Officials to Shun Social Media Bickering

Posted on Apr 27, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - During the burial ceremony in Asuret, Soroti district, Reverend Beseri Otekat of the Anglican church delivered a poignant message to the recently appointed assistant RCCs' and RDCs'.


While expressing concern over their conduct, Rev. Otekat urged the new appointees to temper their excitement and maintain decorum.


Highlighting an issue he observed, Rev. Otekat criticized the assistants for engaging in social media disputes marked by abusive language. Instead of fostering gratitude and prayerfulness towards well-wishers, he noted a trend of bitter exchanges among them.


Addressing the gathering, Rev. Otekat emphasized the need for restraint, stating, "I have been observing how they have been exchanging bitterly. Pass my message to them. This should be off media. Let them tame their excitement. Quote me if you need to." he added.


His words were met with applause and laughter from some mourners, indicating agreement with his sentiments.


Rev. Otekat's call for dignified conduct serves as a reminder for the newly appointed officials to uphold professionalism and respect as they assume their roles in service to their communities.

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