Vin Jaguar Urges Critics To Direct Attention to Studio, Not His Watch

Posted on Apr 27, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - Teso's renowned dancehall sensation, Vin Jaguar, from the Nakko music empire, has addressed fellow artists and detractors, urging them to focus on creating quality music rather than harboring resentment towards his success.


Jaguar's response comes in the wake of a recent online conversation sparked by his sharing a photo of two watches, each costing 3.5 million Ugandan Shillings.


In his Facebook post, Vin Jaguar, known for his self-proclaimed title as a champion and hustler, addressed the issue of jealousy among some individuals in Teso, pointing out how it hampers the region's progress compared to others.


He stated, "If I can invest in land in Soroti city for 40 million, why can't I indulge in a 3.5 million watch? Some people in Teso are excessively jealous. That's why we're not advancing. They fail to support their own, just like other tribes ignore us. It's similar to why we're not proud of #Anita Among's contributions to Teso."


Vin Jaguar also observed a pattern of skepticism towards the success of Teso artists, with some doubting their ability to afford luxury items like a 3.5 million watch, despite readily accepting higher-priced purchases from other entertainers. He challenged doubters to express their doubts openly.


He further explained how other artists flaunt watches worth 5.8 to 10 million, and when a Teso artist displays one worth even 1 million, skeptics refuse to believe yet he can afford a 3.5 million watch as it's up to them to trust him or not to. 


Despite receiving both negative and positive feedback, the singer brushed off his critics, emphasizing that engaging in conflict with him or his music empire was futile.


"Focus on making good music in the studio and leave the rest to the Lord. Some of us have faced hardships, like losing both parents at a young age. Don't compare my struggles with yours. I am proud to share the blessings bestowed upon me by the Almighty God," he remarked.


He urged everyone to stay true to themselves, asserting his confidence in his latest song "Block & Delete," which he claimed was currently dominating the dancehall scene.

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