Rody Gavana Extends Peace Offering to Bloggers Amid Alleged Media Feud

Posted on Apr 27, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu


Wakanda Entertainment boss Rody Gavana has taken a proactive step towards reconciliation by inviting various bloggers and content creators from the Teso Sub-region for a coffee meetup, aimed at restoring their strained relationships.


This gesture comes in response to an online statement that gained momentum, accusing media practitioners of unfairly targeting him with fabricated stories rather than offering constructive support.


During an interview with journalists, Rody Gavana voiced his discontent with a specific group of bloggers whom he alleged were paid to tarnish his reputation.


In light of these claims, when pressed to substantiate his allegations, the "Moto" singer, reportedly sidelined by the media, proposed a gathering with all writers and content creators over coffee.


This initiative aims to ease tensions and foster a more amicable atmosphere between the involved parties, as the singer maintained composure, eliciting laughter and promoting a relaxed environment during interactions with media practitioners.

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