Peter Edeku Commits to Empowering Women in Dakabela County

Posted on Apr 27, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - Peter Edeku Edopu, the hopeful legislator for Dakabela County in Soroti district and director of the Peter Edeku Foundation (PEFO), has made a resolute commitment to bolstering support for various groups within the constituency. His aim is to catalyze transformation and uplift households, particularly those led by women.


In a recent gathering with several savings groups and women-led initiatives in Katine sub-county, Edeku was deeply moved by the unwavering strength and resilience exhibited by these community members.


Harnessing the platform of the Peter Edeku Foundation (PEFO), which has a longstanding history of community support, Edeku intends to instigate tangible change in the lives of women involved in diverse ventures such as animal husbandry and collective household procurement initiatives aimed at enhancing overall household welfare.


Addressing the gathering, Edeku stated, "I will stand by you until the last moment so that you all flourish. I pledge to support your initiatives with seed capital each. I encourage you to expand your groups by bringing in more women so that you can all progress together. Let us also focus on agriculture during this period, leveraging the current rainy season."


The women representing these diverse groups conveyed their heartfelt appreciation to Peter Edeku for his compassionate efforts, recognizing the significant impact his support endeavors have on improving their livelihoods and fostering sustainable community development.

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