Security Recovers Bomb Near Soroti Market, Suspect Apprehended

Posted on May 01, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - Security authorities in Soroti have successfully today's morning recovered a bomb near Soroti market, situated along Market Street, in close proximity to Landmark Hotel.


Damali Nachuha, the East Kyoga Regional Police Commander, has confirmed the occurrence and assured the public that the situation has been normalized as the suspect is currently detained at Soroti Central Police Station, and the bomb has been safely removed, rendering the area secure.


The identity of the suspect apprehended in connection with the incident remains undisclosed, and they are presently undergoing interrogation while in custody.


The retrieval of the bomb and the apprehension of the suspect elicited a sense of relief among Soroti residents, particularly market vendors who harbored concerns over potential terrorist threats.


Security operatives are actively pursuing further details about the suspect and any potential collaborators involved in the incident.


The law enforcement authorities further emphasized the importance of community vigilance and prompt reporting of any suspicious activities or individuals to the relevant authorities.


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