Soroti City Assistant RCC Decries Assault on Pastor Osire Douglas

Posted on May 03, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - Julius Enyalu, the Soroti City Assistant RCC, has condemned the vicious attack on Pastor and singer Osire Douglas, a respected figure in both the religious and music community. Osire, who served as a youth pastor at Embassy of God Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Denis Amos Emojong, was brutally assaulted by iron bar hitmen while returning home from Kampala.


Despite the efforts of Good Samaritans who rushed him to a nearby clinic, Osire's condition was critical, necessitating his transfer to Mulago Hospital where he underwent brain surgery to address a blood clot resulting from the attack. Tragically, he succumbed to his injuries before the scheduled second surgery.


Osire, known for his role as a lead choir singer and youth pastor at Embassy of God Church Kireka, gained recognition for his rendition of the worship song 'Emamei' by Spirit in Motion music.


In the words of Julius Enyalu, "every life matters—youth lives, Iteso lives, Ugandan lives. We must unite to condemn these barbaric acts that have claimed far too many lives in our society."


Highlighting the prevalence of such violence, Enyalu noted that Teso, among other regions, has witnessed previous losses to reported iron bar attacks, underscoring the growing danger posed by individuals who disregard human life for personal gain.


He emphasized the heightened risk of walking at night in areas such as Kampala, Lira, and Mbale, stressing that no innocent life should fall victim to those who shun honest labor in favor of robbery and violence.


The loss of Osire Douglas, described as a vibrant young man who contributed to both music and ministry, is deeply lamented. Enyalu extended condolences to Osire's family and community, expressing hope for justice as efforts are made to identify and prosecute those responsible for his untimely demise.

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