Mokas Notafash Encourages Marshal Major to Prioritize Music Over Materialism

Posted on Jun 02, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


Singer Mokas Notafash has challenged Marshal Major to invest in music rather than boasting about material things on social media.


Marshal Major, who flaunted his shoes on social media, claiming they were worth 1.2 million Ugandan shillings (UGX), received a negative response from the "Ateran" hit maker, Mokas Notafash.


In a post on his Facebook handle, Marshal Major wrote, "My brother Mokas Notafash Uganda what r u saying? ..I'm wearing DR. MARTENS (vegan jadon II) worth 1.2 million UGX minus shipment n delivery fees. This no ordinary shoe my brother." He posted this message while showcasing his boots.


The post continued, "So when we talking levels, let's not mention some names. I don't like doing this on social media but sometimes I'm forced to.. ok bye."


Mokas Notafash, who couldn't hide his reaction, urged Marshal Major to forget about shoes and invest in music, letting it speak and fight for itself. "All the other things are just material things, I don't believe in material things," his response read.


However, Mokas Notafash also narrated how he didn't come to the media to boast about being paid $500 to perform at a house party in Nairobi the previous week.


"I make hits, not bubble gum and cheap talks. I believe in God and good music," he added.

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