Lucky Merab Exposes Ex Lover Lyrical Jersy in Heated Social Media Exchange

Posted on Jun 12, 2024
By Admin

Even after announcing their break-up on social media, singers Lyrical Jersy and Lucky Merab have continued to exchange messages online, each expressing their thoughts.


Lucky Merab, while commenting on a story about their break-up revelations, urged her ex to tell the social media family about the property he sold from their house to hire an outfit for attending Josh Rash's recent concert at Hyde Park in Soroti City.


"Stop posting what you don't know. Just advise the boy to work hard to avoid suffering in Kampala, or else let him go back to Soroti to help his parents heap potatoes," she added in a comment.


In one of the voice notes, Lucky Merab vowed to reveal more secrets should her ex continue taking advantage of her silence, despite their separation.


She further took to her Facebook page yesterday, expressing her dissatisfaction with the rate at which her ex was using her name despite her moving on.


"Well, good afternoon fam. I am here to clear the public. Lyrical Jersy, don't take advantage of my silence and think that I am desperate. I, Lucky Merab, left you for a very big reason which I don't want to explain much, but the fact is you know the truth," read the post in part.


"I moved on and am so healthy without you, so the only advice I can give you is to move on in peace rather than using my name. Use the little time you're wasting to see how you can change your life. Thank you," she added.


Although the social media family perceives that the two are using their fight to hype the new song that Lyrical Jersy featured with the Wakanda boss Rody Gavana, the diss is increasingly gaining momentum like an active volcano that has erupted.


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