Kazi ni Kazi Foundation Brings Solar Power to Ngariam County Schools

Posted on Jun 16, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


KATAKWI - Kazi ni Kazi Foundation has embarked on improving the performance of schools in Ngariam County, Katakwi District, by installing solar lights in all 48 schools around the county.


Speaking during the launch of the installation at Achanga Primary School in Ngariam County, Dan Mulalu, the foundation director and Ngariam County MP hopeful, said, "My intention is that by the time I get nominated, I should have finished it. I also supplied cassava cuttings and potato cuttings to all schools to be planted on 2 acres of land, which is greatly helping."


He added that the foundation aims to install solar lights in all 48 primary schools, with only 15 schools remaining in an exercise that started last year.


"We are going into politics. We need to be good, as the area has a bad record of not having clean politics. Let's sell our manifesto and let the people of Katakwi decide. Let's campaign peacefully without injuring anyone," Mulalu further noted.


Kazi ni Kazi also recently donated new curriculum books to all the schools, a move that will help them compete with other schools.


He added that with the mini boarding that parents and school administration decided to have, the solar lights will help the learners achieve their dreams as they will be able to revise with the help of light.


Opio John, the senior man teacher and acting head teacher, appreciated Kazi ni Kazi for the generous support and initiative towards education.


"We are happy because all along we didn't have the idea of the mini boarding, but with the small one we started, the solar boost will help us a lot and encourage parents to bring candidates to school," he said.


With an enrollment of over 500 pupils and eight teachers, Francis Adikau, the chairperson of the SMC at Achanga Primary School, said that the installation of solar lights in the school will help students read at night and teachers teach at night, thus improving the performance of students as they currently have a mini boarding.


Acom Elizabeth, the sub-county chief, pointed out that power is one of the challenges in rural schools, but with the installation of solar, it would greatly enhance performance and enable the smooth running of school activities. She appreciated the foundation for the great initiative.


Oran Simon Peter, a parent at the school, thanked Dan Mulalu of the Kazi ni Kazi Foundation for the solar system brought to the learning facility.


He expressed happiness as a parent and noted that they are yet to witness a significant improvement in education compared to before, as they had no light as the solar lights will help with security and enable children to read at night, boosting their revision during the day.

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