Miss Tourism Teso 2024 Showcases Teso's Tourism Potential Amid 'Tourism and Peace' Initiative

Posted on Jun 29, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - Miss Tourism Teso 2024 is gearing up for its grand finale themed "Tourism and Peace," aiming to spotlight the diverse tourism offerings of the Teso sub-region through its annual pageantry.


At a recent press conference held at Cloud 9, Ogeuna Anis, Director of Iteso Tourism Company Limited and head of Miss Tourism Teso cluster, unveiled a new magazine dedicated to showcasing Teso's natural beauty and attractions to a global audience. Anis encouraged partners to advertise in the magazine and emphasized the role of media in sharing Teso's tourism narratives.


Contestants will showcase their talents to the public on July 27th at Cloud 9, with free entry sponsored by partners. The grand finale is set for August 3rd, 2024, featuring a range of activities. Entry to the finale is priced at 20,000 UGX, with tables available for 300,000 UGX.


Marcella Ariso, program host for Miss Tourism Teso Roadmap 2024, highlighted the significance of the tourism-themed magazines, available for 500,000 UGX for a full page, 250,000 UGX for half, and 150,000 UGX for a quarter page, with tailored rates for corporates. Ariso emphasized the theme "Tourism and Peace," stressing the importance of a peaceful environment in attracting tourists and supporting local economies.


Amoding Enid Mercy, Programs Manager of Miss Tourism Teso cluster, shared insights into past queens' community projects, focusing on youth empowerment and environmental conservation, including tree planting initiatives.


Enid Mercy invited potential contestants to participate in the ongoing online auditions. The competition will culminate in an online boot camp where contestants will demonstrate their cultural expertise.


Aguti Sheila Caroline, Manager of Cloud 9 and event partner, expressed enthusiasm about hosting the grand finale, pledging to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees.


Akol Emmanuel, representing Pepsi and other partners, voiced excitement about their involvement in the grand finale, announcing their forthcoming contributions to the event.


These updates underscore Miss Tourism Teso 2024's ongoing efforts to promote tourism and celebrate the cultural richness of the Teso sub-region.

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