BITTER TRUTH: Has Saint Cross found Akaliat in Jozelha?

Posted on Apr 27, 2021
By Admin

Well by now you all know the self-titled Akaliait, Jozhela the arrowgal, a music promoter and manager from Kobwin, Ngora district.


Akaliait loosely translates to 'Queen' and a number of fans have been left wondering if Ngora bred Rapper Saint Cross and Jozhela are keeping each other warm in this cold weather.


These Speculations resurface after the rapper's frequent posts with the 'Akaliait' hashtag and Jozhela's Photo captions on his Facebook Account of Samurai Saint Cross. Where she replies with 'Love' emojis.


It's, not the first time that these rumors are in circulation. Fan's have on several occasions accused the two of feasting on each other after them sharing Photos enjoying each other's company but the two have squashed of these rumors claiming there's nothing more to their friends and in others, they remain tight-lipped.


The pair has been seen together slaying in different social gatherings within Ngora town.

Saint Cross & Arrowgal


However, going by the latest development's could we be seeing this Ngora Union bearing fruits? We keep our fingers Crossed.


Get your Kanzus and Gomesi's ready just in case.

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