Feffe Bussi Reveals Gulu Secrets in his new song

Posted on Jul 26, 2021
By Admin

Singer Mukiiza Frank a.k.a Feffe Bussi has revealed all the secrets of the Gulu meeting in his new song titled "Emboozi Ya Gulu"


In this song, he highlights some of the artists that went with him to meet Gen. Saleh in Gulu. These include; Pallaso, Phina Mugerwa, Jose Chameleon, Kabako, Ronald Mayinja, Zizza Bafana, Big Eye, King Michael, and King Saha.


Fefe Busi reveals that not everyone who goes to Gulu has gone to receive money.  


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The rapper disclosed that after creating the Ugandan Superstars’ Association, they had one mission but when they reached Gulu, different artists had different missions. 


"We explained to him the copyright issues and he encouraged us that it’s what they are working on, that it will be alright…,” Feffe added


Bobi Wine recently criticized Musicians that met with President Yoweri Museveni’s brother Gen Salim Saleh seeking financial help led by Chameleone.


“An association which we started to fight for the industry has been proudly silent about all this injustice. It was reduced to a beggars’ association,” Bobi Wine said





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