We are demonstrating on higher commodity prices after by-elections - Besigye

Posted on Jul 25, 2022
By Nathan Eyaguxxx
Former president of the FDC party Dr.Kizza Besigye has promised to rally Ugandans in a demonstration against the ruling government over the increasing prices of commodities that have made millions of Ugandans cry out.
Dr.Kizza Besigye said this today in Opiyai ward in Soroti city east where he was campaigning for the FDC's Attan Moses Okia ahead of the by-elections.
''I was elected many times but couldn't be announced yet everybody knew that I had won, 2016 when they couldn't announce me as the winner, I announced myself, got arrested and taken to Karamoja and a case of overthrowing government was charged against me but up on now that case is out, a vote can not remove Museveni, we need to come together and should him that enough is enough'', Besigye said as the crowd cheered.


''After this election, we want Attan and all these people to join other Ugandans and say enough is enough, they passed a budget saying it has the parish development model, that budget has 2 billion shillings spent in Mr. Musevenis' home per day when people are dying in Karamoja of hunger, they are bringing you posho and beans during the campaigns, receive it as that is your money but on the polling day, vote for Attan'' he added.
Besigye also added that the current passed budget halted after the by-election, as he called upon the people of Soroti city to join other Ugandans who are feeling the pinch of the economy that has left a number of items like soap, sugar, and fuel among others sold highly.
''We should show Mr. Museveni a red card and prove to him that we are tired, imagine the whole state is here to campaign for the candidate while wasting taxpayers money, they have deployed huge security around the city, lets a shame them by voting for Attan'', he added.

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