Patrick Salvado gets negative energy from Ugandans after crowning self ''African comedy giant"

Posted on Dec 29, 2022
By Admin

Ugandan renowned comedy star Patrick Idringi popularly known as Patrick Salvado on Wednesday 28th, December received negative energy from Ugandans who reacted on his Twitter post moments after he posted that he was the African comedy giant that since attracted mixed reactions from his followers and other internet users.


A section of social media users rushed to the comments section to endorse his new-found title as others trolled him as others branded him ‘Acholi comedy giant’ in a series of rib-cracking tweets.


“I am an African Comedy Giant,” Salvado tweeted. 


It's should also be known that the comedian recently had a successful stand-up show in Soroti city where he came to support Napoleon Ehmah and a few days moved to Arua hours before sending the tweet that has since turned negative.


Some of the reactions from those who commented to his tweets; 


“Patrick don’t overrate yourself in Africa. Your comedy may be entertaining to some people, it teaches no moral lesson to viewers and doesn’t shed light on ‘e subjects; Comedy goes beyond making people laugh. Use your craft to address societal issues and help make the world a better place,” one Asha replied to the comedian’s tweet.


“Acholi comedy giant. Don’t peep where you haven’t reached,” a tweet from Byekwaso, a Twitter user reads.


However, the comedian also had hundreds of tweeps endorsing his claim of being Africa’s comedy giant. In the mix, some netizens took the tweet for a joke, since the self-styled Man From Ombokolo is a comedian who jokes his way to the bank.


“I agree entirely. The African English comedy. Then for African Luganda goes to Amooti,” one Andrew Agaba commented.


Meanwhile, NMG’s Gabriel Buule lauded him for dreaming big before seeking God’s blessings. “You are right to dream big, may God bless your plans,” he said.





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