I won't accept to be bought - Emmanuel Omoding roars

Posted on Feb 19, 2023
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The son to the late Member of Parliament for Serere County Emmanuel Omoding early yesterday during day 6 of campaigns in Serere County while transversing for votes told voters that he will never accept to be bought with any amount of money so that he steps down from the race.


Omoding's remarks come at a time when there are rumours circulating that he was offered a job by the state of being an Ambassador.


Omoding who was combing through Adoku and Upper Shops in Serere County explained that, "the only issue is propaganda,but as you all know a chair as my symbol, they said that I was admitted at the hospital,am I not with you now, they also said that I was bought with millions of money so that I don't contest again and go back over seas, but no one can buy me cause if I needed money, I would have gone back to over seas where there is plenty of money though the whites over there are calling me back but I have promised to remain here with you", 


Omoding further added that there has been propaganda against him that he doesn't have anything yet he has properties over seas including a home in Serere County around Oburin.


"I have a home there ,my heart is still bleeding but am acting strong because of people like you whom I want to work with cause my late father loved all people,just like my father,I shall also be here with you all, let's kill the animal that is on the run then later eat it together", Omoding said as he received a huge cheer from the crowd.


Omoding further vows to work closely with the government of Uganda and his Australian friends to build Serere County. 


"What wrong have I done to come back here, the late left many unfinished projects that need to be completed, the Sacco's groups will help elevate many out of poverty,I shall lobby for international medical equipment thus preventing many from traveling to Soroti for treatment ",


Stephen Otage the Chief Campaign Lead of Omoding told the voters that "They have always said that he is a kid but you are all seeing, they said he doesn't know Ateso, it's painful to loose two parents at ago,let's wipe this man's tears, tomorrow during elections,there will be many vehicles here but after elections they will all not be there, you don't see any teso MP move with them simply because they don't want too as they feel pity for Omoding", 


"They said that I was arrested because of a crime or supporting Omoding, We are informing the team from Kampala that the road where president Museveni will pass in 2026 is through Omoding who is an NRM candidate", he added.


Following the propaganda circulating, the team further explained to the voters that ,"If the president wants to see Omoding, there is a protocol to be followed but not the GISO, they tried to confuse us since we were in Kyere , Sseninde and Dombo are busy enjoying government money,not even sharing with other NRM members with in the County", 


"After consulting with state house if the president was calling Omoding we got a response that it wasn't true", they added.


They further requested the Serere district RDC to perform his duties but not confusing the people of Serere as he once used to eat from Okabe but now that he is late, he is confusing the children of late 


"We shall wait for the president to come then we shall report to him on what the RDC has been doing,go early in the day of elections and vote for Omoding as by mid-day,our team will be there to protect the ballots", they added.


They further promised to ashame those with ranks who say that they will complicate things pointing out that Museveni is a good man who wishes the best for the people in Serere.



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