Chameleon regrets kissing Weasel, apologizes to the public

Posted on Feb 28, 2023
By Admin

Pressure from the public that was mounted upon the Leone Island boss Joseph Mayanja a.k.a Chameleon to apologize to the public following the indecent act that he together with his brother singer Weasel did on stage during the Gwanga Mujje concert has yielded results.


Chameleone who was seen kissing his brother Weasel have today's evening apologized to the public for the act that some people said was promoting homosexuality in the Country.


In a video trending on social media, Chameleon thanked fans for supporting his successful Gwanga Mujje concert 


"I apologize to fans and friends for the deed that me and my brother Weasel shared on stage, I know most of my friends are offended and didn't carry it lightly", he said.


The singer further added that what happened was due to too much energy and excitement that he actually regrets as it was high and further apologized on behalf of his brother Weasel.


"Thanks so much for accepting my apologies ", he added.


Chameleons' apology comes in a period of time when the Parliament is to table the homosexuality bill following cases that caught the public's attention.


“My sincere apologies to the general public” I thank you @Mukulaa for your advice and patronage - For God and my country", he also tweeted 



It should also be noted that the Kampala renowned pastor Martin Ssempa sued the Mayanja brothers for kissing while on stage during the recently concluded Gwanga Mujje concert, an act that he described as one that's promoting homosexuality in Uganda, and also asked the Police to stop any further concerts of the Singer unless a public apology was issued.


Ssempa is also reported to have camped in Mbarara where Chameleone’s next concert is yet to take place so as to block it from taking place.







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