SERERE: Christ Disciples Church on spot for mysterious disappearance of christians

Posted on Mar 02, 2023
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By Nathan Eyagu



The Uganda Police Force of Serere district are investigating a religious sect known as Christ Disciples Church for the mysterious disappearance of some of their followers.


The church is situated within the areas of Obululun village Bugondo subcounty, kidetok town council, Olwa in pigire subcounty and other parts of Serere district.


According to the PRO East Kyoga,SP Ageca Oscar Gregg, in a press statement issued today, a case has been registered with vide CPS Serere General Inquiry File 002/2023.


"We started the investigations following reports alleging that people were disappearing and that they were being trafficked and taken to Ethiopia to spread the gospel starting the month of February 2023",


Preliminary findings into the matter indicate that the leadership of a local church refered to as Christ Disciples Church (CDC) led by Rev. Enyaku James and Pastor Orago Augustine convinced their followers that God has a plan for them to go to Ethiopia to spread the gospel thus convincing every member of the church to contribute two million shillings each for processing travel documents and to provide one bag of flour.


The followers who couldn't go against the church request consequently, sold off their properties such as cattle, land and other house hold items to raise the money.


According to SP Ageca Oscar, those who met the requirements for travel are estimated to be around one hundred individuals who were allegedly moved by the church leadership to Ethiopia to spread the gospel including one Simon Peter Opolot the Acting commercial officer Serere district and his wife.



He also said that "The Uganda Police is working to locate the leadership of the church and to ascertain the whereabouts of the members of the church. We are meanwhile following leads and ask the public to provide information within their knowledge to the officers of Serere Central Police Station",


"We want to assure the families and loved ones of members of the church that they should not lose hope as the search is ongoing. We shall trace for the location of the leadership , and bring all perpetrators to book", he added.





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