Miss UCC Soroti queen to Champion fight against HIV/AIDs

Posted on Mar 15, 2023
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By Nathan Eyagu 


The newly crowned Miss Uganda College of Commerce, Soroti Campus  2023-2024 Akello Brenda has vowed to rally behind the fight against HIV/AIDs in UCC soroti campus as she takes on her new role.


Brenda Akello from Amuria district  was crowned the UCC Soroti queen in a tight contest that took place on 10th,March,2023 at Hyde park in Soroti City.


In an interview with this website early this week, Akello said that her intentions to the students she is leading are to inspire them to be greater leaders and not to look down on themselves but rather have self belief so that they can always make it.


She further advised the youth in her Campus to stay safe as HIV/AIDS is real but rather use the ABC method that involves abstainance ,being faithful to one partner and using condoms if one needs to have sexual intercourse.


Akello advise comes in a period of time when high rates of HIv/AIDs cases are reported amongst the youth.


According to a national household-based survey among adults (defined as individuals aged 15 years and older) to measure the impact of the national by the Uganda Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (UPHIA 2020-2021), the prevalence rate by age and sex among adults (ages 15 years and older), HIV prevalence ranged from 1.7% among older adolescent girls aged 15-19 years to 13.6% among women aged 50-54 years, and from 0.2% among older adolescent boys aged 15-19 years to 11.1% among men aged 45-49 years. HIV prevalence was more than twice as high among women than among men in each 5-year age group from ages 15-19 years through 30-34 years.


HIV prevalence increased markedly in early adulthood, particularly among women from ages 15-19 to 30-34 years and to a lesser extent among men, from ages 15-19 to 35-39 years old.


Who is Akello Brenda


Akello Brenda is a student from UCC- Soroti persuing a diploma in Hotel and Institutional catering aged 24.


She hails from Orungo sub-county, Moruinera parish, Alilioi village in Amuria District.


Akello is a fan of reading books,watching football, cooking,dancing, singing and praying at her leisure time but dislikes being embarrassed in public,shouted at and being undermined.


As an Atesot beauty,Akello like local dishes such as eboo (egalala) and atap (Cassava floor mixed with millet)


In her life, her mum is her first role model followed by hon Rebbeca Kadaga Alitwala and queen Ariokot Mary Etilu the miss tourism Teso who she says inspire her a lot.



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