Vipa is the biggest stage Performer in Eastern Uganda- Arrow Gal

Posted on May 18, 2023
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


Celebrated Teso music promoter Aluka Josephine famously known as Arrow Gal has come to defend Vipa Teso Mada following a statement he made yesterday.


Vipa had shared on his socials that he has not yet seen an artist who matches his stage performance.


The music promoter has now ended the debate with her expertise analysis although a number of fans urged Vipa Teso Mada to organize his own concert following what  Rody Gavana did recently if he was truly what he described of himself.


According to Arrow Gal, Vipa is one of the biggest Stage performers in eastern Uganda as she vowed to even bet her life on that while describing his stage presence as commanding, fierce and aggressive.


"Before we sleep let's set records straight,

I will say this as a fan who has attended so many Teso music shows over the years and also got to watch different artists present their songs, VIPA IS ONE OF THE BEST STAGE PERFORMERS IN EASTERN UGANDA!!  

Yeah and I can bet my life on that!! 

This guy is a monster on stage", she posted.


"His stage presence is commanding, fierce and aggressive. He is an entertainer who commands crowds and delivers performance versions of his songs. You won't know when he is tired. 

Don't get too excited guys", 


Arrow gal further urged the public to compliment their favorites about other things but leave the performance things to the real Ogs. 


"Differentiate artists from entertainers!! 

In fact, if your name is not Badman Tripple J then yes, Vipa Afriqan Mada is better than you on stage. Far much better!! 

Respect Da Madanation ?? #RespectVipa", she further explained i

n her Facebook post.

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