Wakanda Ent Manager hits back at Candy Man, demand an apology over arrow square incident

Posted on May 20, 2023
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By our Reporter


Violence and exchange of vocabulary has been at the peak of Teso's music industry ever since the Wakanda's singer Rody Gavana had a concert in Soroti city earlier this month.


A number of incidences have since topped up the gossip chart on social media, first was singer Lucky Jo calling Rody Gavana a noise then singer Candy man demanding for an apology from the Wakanda team over an incident that ensured after his mic was turned off while he was on stage after he was denied live stage performance by the team.


"Still processing the belittling treatment I got on the arrow square show, I am sure i and my fans deserve an explanation", Candy man posted on his wall.


The Wakanda Ent Manager, Sheriff also replied to the singer on his face book wall explaining that Candy man barged through their stage security posing to be a perfomer at the concert which called for an apology to Wakanda since he was not a confirmed perfomer at the concert as more than one performer got on stage without approval from the stage manager.


Sheriff further supported the move that was taken by the team of muting the singers' mic as it wouldn't be the case if protocol was followed as any other perfomer who successfully had their's in the time scheduled for them.


"1st of all about using live band, this are performers who had rehearsed with Rody Gavana 256 2 months prior to the concert and traveled from Kampala to Soroti with a one job of playing along as they had rehearsed,Your attempt to make the crowd go rouge by saying "ikus ikapun nesi etachitere itunga nuu, oputu kesi abolia" directly translating "its your money that was paid to this band guys, let them come and play" failed", he posted on his Facebook wall.


Sheriff also on his post added that "Secondly, were you part of the performers. If so share your poster we confirm, your magical appearance on 13th wasn't a guarantee that we would jubilate that finally Candy Man had finally accepted to perform in our concert after turning down at first claiming you would be busy on 6th May. You did not communicate to us that you would turn up on 13th since there was a postponement of the concert from 6th May to 13th May",


"Always spread peace not insinuating violence in the name of assuming importance, recognition or relevance ,we respect you and expect better than this next time", he added.

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