Soroti Regional Referral Hospital Reports New Cases of COVID-19

Posted on Nov 06, 2023
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Soroti Regional Referral Hospital has raised concerns as it continues to identify new cases of COVID-19 within its facilities.


During the "Health Journalism Network Uganda - HEJNU Teso Media Cafe" event held at Paxland Motel in Soroti City on November 3, 2023, Dr. Etolu John Wilson, a consultant physician and the COVID-19 focal point person at the facility while discussing the ongoing challenges related to COVID-19 and its impact on mental health, under the theme "The Aftermath Effects of COVID-19", mentioned that the hospital is diagnosing new positive cases of the virus, even though many of these individuals exhibit only mild symptoms.


He also noted that the recent severe case was reported in August and the situation was managed and patient was discharged.


Etolu also explained that the Ministry of Health is actively managing the situation through various measures, including the integration of COVID-19 care into routine medical services, training healthcare professionals to handle long COVID cases, establishing dedicated COVID clinics for patients with complications, and facilitating training sessions where experts share their experiences in managing the pandemic.


Throughout the course of the pandemic, Soroti Regional Referral Hospital recorded a total of 4,358 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 2,613 ward admissions, 208 cumulative death, 131 cumulative children ,under the care of 117 health workers. 


He however noted that the facility had people coming from different parts of the country due to the special care. 


The major deaths that were reported were majorly due to admission level of hypoxemia (average 70% on room air) and patients who had obesity majorly the elderly above 65 years of age.


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