Journalists, DJs trained on HIV/AIDs, TB and accident prevention

Posted on Nov 07, 2023
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The media personnel and DJs in Katakwi district have attained one-day training on the prevention of HIV/AIDs, TB, Accidents, COVID-19, and many others.


This training was provided by Yambala 4me under the umbrella of the TASO grants management unit in the Masela Guest House, Katakwi town council in Katakwi district.


Charles Hammar Odeng the National coordinator of Yambala program 4me asked the media ambassadors and DJs to spread the information to the community in order to reduce accidents and diseases in our country.


“We have dispatched campaign activation teams to the Northern, Eastern, and Western regions, these will be reaching out to communities for the next 16 days. Among others, the teams will sensitize the public on the use of Condoms and other HIV preventive measures as well as road safety programs.”


Simon Peter Ojur, one of the participants, thanked the Yambala 4me team for the campaign and urged the colleagues to uplift the information that the Yambala has shown to us in order to end the accidents, HIV/AIDs, TB and others.


Nicholas Abitekeka programs manager of TASO thanked the participants for joining the Yambala team in Uganda in terms of ending HIV/AIDs, TB, Accidents, COVID-19 and many others.


District health officer, Dr. Simon Icumar-Omeke said the campaign will raise access to information and awareness levels among Ugandans, especially the youths with higher HIV prevalence levels.


“Data at the Ministry of Health shows that the comprehensive knowledge of HIV among the youths aged 15 to 24 is only 46 percent for females and 44 for men. This means that this [Yambala 4 Me] campaign will improve the aspect of knowledge and people will be able to make informed decisions,” he said.


Meanwhile, the Resident district commissioner of Katakwi district Maj Godfrey Katamba echoed the force's commitment to provide any other support towards ending the vice in the district.


He however urged the youth to be vigilant because most of the killer diseases are still killing Ugandans in bigger numbers.


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