Ngora County MP Honors the Legacy of Late Bishop Irigei Emeritus

Posted on Dec 05, 2023
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


TESO - In a poignant moment of remembrance, Hon. Achayo Juliet Lodou, the spirited Member of Parliament for Ngora County, passionately shared her condolences today, uniting with the Teso community in commemorating the life of the venerable retired Bishop Emeritus Edison Thomas Irigei from the Anglican Church in Kumi Diocese.


The Bishop Emeritus, aged 69, peacefully concluded his earthly journey this morning within the caring walls of the hospital, where he had been embraced by support since last Wednesday.


Achayo, with a deep sense of respect, portrayed the late retired Papa Bishop Irigei as not only the founding Bishop of Kumi Diocese but also as an exceptionally humble servant of God. She painted a vivid picture of his devotion, recounting his tireless commitment to pastoral and social activities that left an indelible mark, transforming the church in Kumi Diocese into a genuine instrument of salvation.


As she delved into the legacy, Achayo illuminated the extraordinary growth orchestrated under his stewardship. "Imagine the church expanding like a symphony – from 3 to 10 archdeaconries and 31 to 43 parishes, each one a note in the harmonious melody of faith. He even composed the establishment of several daughter churches," she exclaimed.


Achayo's heartfelt sympathies resonated with the family, the current Bishop of Kumi Diocese, Rt. Rev. Okwi, the clergy, and the entire Anglican Communion. In a poignant conclusion to her tribute, she whispered a wish into the universe, "May the soul of the retired Bishop, Papa Irigei, find eternal rest, wrapped in the perfect peace he so earnestly cultivated."

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