Teso Sub-Region supports Anti-Counterfeit Goods Bill 2023

Posted on Apr 24, 2024
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By Our Reporter 


SOROTI - Residents in Teso Sub-Region have embraced and pledged their support for the Anti-Counterfeit Bill 2024,a bill that was introduced by Bugiri Municipality MP Asuman Basalirwa and seconded by Soroti City West MP Jonathan Ebwalu. 


Asuman Basalirwa secured parliamentary approval in July 2023 to introduce the Anti-Counterfeit Bill, which aims to curb the proliferation of counterfeit goods that infringe upon intellectual property rights, particularly copyrights and trademarks.


According to Counsel Fred Muwema, representing the Anti Counterfeit Network Africa (ANC), reported on a consultative meeting held at Tedwills Hotel in Soroti City, He described the consultation as interactive and fruitful, highlighting the overwhelming support received from the community as many individuals have fallen victim to counterfeit products, fostering hope that the bill will effectively deter the manufacturing and sale of fake goods.


Addressing concerns raised by the trading community, Muwema clarified that the bill targets manufacturers to ensure the distribution of genuine products to retailers and wholesalers thus emphasizing on the importance of sensitization efforts across relevant government agencies to clarify responsibilities and promote procurement from legitimate suppliers.


He further announced plans for extensive consultations, with the initial phase spanning four locations as additional sessions are scheduled to conclude next month, underscoring the commitment to widespread engagement.


MP Jonathan Ebwalu of Soroti City West expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from Teso residents and pledged to convey their views to parliament.


He emphasized the bill's potential to combat counterfeit trade, safeguarding the interests of the younger generation and preserving government revenue.


Meanwhile, Soroti City East Mayor Paul Omer commended the legislative efforts, recounting personal experiences as a victim of counterfeit products.


He lamented the adverse effects on Teso's agricultural sector, urging collective efforts to combat counterfeiting and foster genuine growth.


Meanwhile participants in the consultation, including mechanics, shop owners, traders, and farmers, lauded the legislative initiative and expressed appreciation for the anti-counterfeit team's dedication with counterfeit-related challenges persisting for an extended period, as the community looks forward to the bill's enactment as a crucial step towards combating illicit trade and promoting genuine economic development.

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