Dan Mulalu Drives Transformation and Unity in Ngariam County

Posted on May 31, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


KATAKWI - Ngariam County MP hopeful in Katakwi, Dan Mulalu, a private secretary in the office of the president in charge of mobilisation and the director of the Kazi ni Kazi foundation, is currently spearheading efforts to transform lives in his constituency.


In less than three years, the Kazi ni Kazi foundation has managed to provide various services to different schools, including the provision of scholastic materials, solar panels, and more which have enabled learners to adapt to the new curriculum thus hoping for the best performance.


While addressing a delegation from Ngariam County in Palam sub county yesterday to discuss ways to improve public service delivery, Mulalu emphasized the government's commitment to listening to citizens' concerns and collaborating to build a more efficient and effective public service system, he explained that the foundation will remain steadfast and will welcome support from well-wishers, thereby changing the lives of many.


He also urged the mobilizers to treat the projects as their own and follow up with them for the betterment of the people.


Mulalu also called for peaceful campaigns and relations from all those vying for the parliamentary seat in the constituency.


"Our competitors are moving around complaining and using abusive language. I don't want you to fight or reply back. Don't ever react, don't have fear, as you are the fortune and money. Whatever you say on the ground markets your candidate,"


" Let's go for a peaceful campaign. We must have peace and let's not injure our people, as there is no need to fight. We need each other," he added.


He also noted the development of a radio station named Kazi FM that's in its final stages of being launched in Katakwi district.


According to him, "The radio will bring jobs for our own, advocate for government services, entertain, and inform the people so that Ngariam will have great ideas."


He also explained how some selfish individuals have been planning to block the move to establish the radio station, stating that they wouldn't manage it since he had already paid for all the taxes and trading licenses.

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